Industrial real estate Roller Conveyor Types And Their Uses

Published: 22nd October 2010
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Different industries use different types of roller conveyors. These roller conveyors are available in different types and models to fit an industry's particular needs and requirements. Different models are designed for different applications that will speed up the process in product manufacturing and also in distribution centers.

Types of Conveyors and their uses

The three main types of roller conveyors are the gravity conveyors, powered conveyors, and the sorting conveyors. With every type, there are also various models for use in different applications that are applicable to different industries. One type, the gravity conveyor, is free flowing and is mostly used in a push or level application to facilitate the movement of the products. These conveyors can be set in declining position in order for the products to flow from a higher level. Roller conveyors that are widely used are those that have a skate wheel and a roller configuration. These are often used to transport or move products and items that have smooth bottom surface as well items with uneven surfaces. These products include packages, pallets, cans, molds and other items. Roller conveyors are usually sold in sections of 10 feet with widths of 12 to 30 inches which is the industry standard. However, there are many types and roller sizes that are available so whatever application you need it for, you will be able to find one to suit your requirement.

Another alternative to gravity roller conveyors are the skatewheel conveyors that are more light weight and economical. One advantage of the skatewheel conveyor is that it can be easily moved from one place to another or can be reconfigured to allow storage of larger products. These conveyors are available in aluminum and steel frames which are designed for lighter or heavier use. They are commonly used in shipping areas and packing stations.

A conveyor system is usually comprised of a series of more than one conveyor, especially in industries where it requires large conveyor systems. One type of conveyor that is used and is a very important link to the operation is the accumulation conveyor system. It helps in keeping the whole conveyor system and other machines from becoming overloaded. This type of conveyor uses pop up sensor rollers and has a pressurized air system. The pressurized air holds the product in queue while waiting for the go signal for it to release the product for the next stage of production. It moves the product onto the case sealer, weigh station or any other work stations. The two most common types are the zero pressure accumulation conveyors which minimizes chances of package collision by placing gaps in between packages. Another type, the minimum pressure conveyors place packages beside each other but with little back pressure.

Another part of the conveyor system and one of the most expensive types is the sorting conveyors. Their main function is to sort out packages and products according to specifications. These machines have controls and scanners that make it more convenient and efficient to use. There are types designed for both big and large products.

There are many reasons to use roller conveyors, from moving people to moving products in a timely and efficient manner:

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